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27 Oct 2017
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GoTouch, a smart communications solution consisting of the GoTouch device and mobile application, transfers content from display devices -- such as mobile devices, TVs, computers, and projector screens -- to a touchscreen, allowing users to interact with content together in real-time. 

The system is ideal for conferences or classrooms, as GoTouch makes it possible to manipulate text, pictures, colors and lines, as well as save and share content, 

GoTouch is equipped with sensors, an electronic pen and a filter, giving it 3-D motion capture capabilities. 

Anyractive CEO Lim Sung-hyun said, “The device is internet-connect, allowing for long distance communication, and the sensors and user’s mobile device are connected via Bluetooth.” 

A domestic patent application has been submitted for the 3-D motion capture technique used by GoTouch, and Anyractive plans to secure US and international patents for the technology in the near future.